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About us page with information on sylvia and jeremy. We offer a full catering service and also cater for pre and post wedding breakfasts.

About us page with information on sylvia and jeremy. We offer a full catering service and also cater for pre and post wedding breakfasts.
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 By the way, if you love cake, you will love ours. Each cake is handmade by us on premises with a number of varieties available on a daily basis from the traditional fruit cake to our dairy and gluten free cakes. All made to our own recipe. a little about us

“There’s something quite special about seeing people enjoy something you have cooked for them.” - Sylvia

So after 1 mortgage, 3 kids, 1 cat, 3 ducks, 1 dog and 16 years together and 10 years in The Park Bakery, our aim has become to give the good people of Godstone something WE would want to visit. Serving you the same great food as we would for our friends and family. We had no preconceived notion of what a decent Tea Room was supposed to offer. We thought that if we cooked the best food we could, never from a microwave or micro-portions, just good honest food, freshly prepared and cooked to order, served with a friendly smile, we could create a really happy place to eat, relax and enjoy, what could go wrong? Three years later we've got one big, happy, smiling baby! We also serve a decadent ‘Afternoon Tea’ fully loaded with miniature foods all produced on premises, in our kitchen. Just imagine, vintage china stands fully loaded with, miniature Beef Wellingtons, sausage rolls, mini filled ciabattas, filo tarts, mini Victoria sponges, mini Black Forest gateaus, éclairs, macaroons, scones with ‘Roddas’ clotted cream and strawberry jam and that's to name just a few. We are also available for private hire, which can be fully catered using our team if you wish. We are also able to provide you with nourishment for those long and arduous business meetings. If it involves food, we can do it. If you would like any more information, please visit the Contact Us page and complete the form.

"We wanted to set about creating a really relaxed place where we could be honest to ourselves, our food and our customers." - Jeremy.

Having been raised in a Sicilian household, food was always going to be a passion, be it, eating, cooking or baking. Add to that I am a bakers daughter and have a mum who can make 'dust taste good' It's all about putting that experience, know-how and passion into producing plate after plate of excellent food. So with all that to my advantage we thought it would be a good idea if I went into the kitchen and Jeremy ran the front of house section. By doing this we make sure our customers are properly looked after as he is always on hand to help them in their food choices and answer any queries they may have. After being born to a rather larger than ordinary family in South London I decided that I had an eye for design! Well after leaving Art School I got a job in a clothes shop (like all art school graduates lol). Having met Sylvia earlier we proceeded to have a great family together. Three little sprigs in total. Then came 'The Park Bakery'... WOW! What a 10 years that was! But we soon realised our passion was not just food but the need to give it in a great environment. Then we had our fourth child... The Green Rooms!



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